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Carolan Chiropractic in Overland Park, KS provides a holistic treatment approach, offering chiropractic, back pain relief, and physical therapy. We have two chiropractors who will handle every case with personalized attention and mastery in their field.

Dr. Brad Carolan, D.C., an honors doctorate graduate, also handles expert adjusting. He specializes in diagnostic as well as biomechanical chiropractic education.

Carolan Chiropractic takes pride in our comprehensive treatment portfolio that starts from consultation to diagnosis to treatment. We can provide same-day treatment and home instructions for maintenance. Our highly recognized facility has upgraded equipment and a relaxing environment conducive to healing and therapy.

With our holistic approach to treatment through chiropractic, back pain relief, and physical therapy, we aim to provide the ultimate pain relief and pain management. Our unique approach embraces excellent quality services paired with affordable and budget-friendly packages.

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"I woke up in the middle of the night and was unable to raise my head off my pillow without a lot of pain and when I got out of bed I couldn't move my head from side to side at all. At my first appointment, Dr. Brad spent a lot of time becoming familiar with my medical history and understanding what movements caused the pain. He decided to use electrical muscle therapy to fatigue my muscles and then performed a soft tissue method he referred to as graston. After just one treatment I had increased mobility and most of the pain was gone. To my delight, I only needed one follow up appointment to get full mobility back and the pain is gone. Thanks Dr. Brad!"
- Mary Rasdall, 84, Retired

"Hello my name is Michael Audley. I have been a patient of Dr. Katherine Smith for five years and recently of associate Dr. Brad Carolan. The quality of my life and homeostasis is continuously sustained with their professional help."
- Michael Audley, 71, Author

"Dr. Kathy has been my chiropractor for eons. She is a tremendous healthcare provider. Dr. Kathy addresses my needs with spinal adjustments, acupuncture, and other modalities to alleviate my problems. She even offers services on an emergency basis. I've referred family and friends to her and they've been quite pleased also. Dr. Kathy is truly a dedicated, compassionate professional."
- Teresa, patient since 1989, retired nurse practitioner

"Hi my name is Josh. When I was 29, I was badly injured on the job. For two and a half years, I could barely walk. Before seeking chiropractic I tried an extensive physical therapy and work hardening program but any decrease in pain never lasted. It was when consulting with an orthopedic surgeon that I was referred to Dr. Brad for chiropractic treatment. After two visits with Dr. Brad, I was about 40 % better and could walk much straighter. Some of what he did was what I assumed chiropractic to be but he also used a special taping called kinesio taping which supported while helping me move properly. I feel his consideration and use of this additional therapy played a huge part in the amount of time I stay pain free! I have been to see Dr. Brad several times over the past few months and have gained about 70% mobility."
- Josh Hefner, 32, Construction

"I had been suffering with pain and stiffness in my sacroiliac area for years and was a bit skeptical about how much chiropractic manipulation would be able to help me. But after just one visit to Dr. Brad and Dr. Kathy I was pain free, and with a few scheduled visits I have been able to remain pain free. Dr. Kathy and Dr. Brad took their time with me to figure out the type of treatment that would work best for my condition. The convenient office hours and genuinely friendly staff make it easy for me to recommend their services to both family and friends because they truly “care” and are dedicated to help you find relief and enhance your overall quality of life."
- Harley C Creek, 45, MRI Technologist

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